Sunday, June 3, 2012

First day of RV-3 work in YKM: 5.0 of 236 hours

The first day of working on the -3 in the new shop was a relaxing one. I spent 15 minutes pulling the blue plastic off the inside of the .016" rudder skin very very carefully to avoid making any creases or dimples. It's half the thickness of the VS and HS skin, so it can't be abused at all. Then I got to work with Sketch 7 and measured out all the edges of the skin and the locations of the spar, end ribs and stiffeners. Finished up the day by making most of the stiffeners from pre-bent .025 stock. It's another one of those days where if the -3 kit was pre-punched like the newer RV designs, I'd have saved a day's work. But measuring, drawing and making little aluminum things is very therapeutic. A little NASCAR on the TV combined with a warm soft breeze through the open garage door made for a relaxing Sunday. I'd have finished all the stiffeners, but Ben finished dinner so I came in. What a terrible life I live. 

Last weekend we built a large L-shaped workbench in the garage.
We still need to hang up the shop lights.

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